The Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education is an organization committed to advancing formal training and high educational standards for arts entrepreneurship education. 


Founded in 2014, the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education provides a forum for communication 
among its members and advocates for formal training and high standards by - and for - arts entrepreneurship 
educators. It is a further goal of the Society to create standard learning outcomes for the field for accreditation 

The Society holds an annual conference for the purposes of presenting scholarly papers, presenting and 
discussing the arts and entrepreneurship, addressing other issues pertinent to the Society such as 
pedagogy, outreach and conducting the business of the Society. 

Board of Directors

President-Elect: Josef Hanson - University of Massachusetts-Boston
Vice President: Todd Stuart - Miami University
Treasurer: Kathryn Brown - North Carolina State University
Secretary: Kate Flemming - Millikin University

Board Member: Lloyd Caldwell - Oklahoma State University

Board Member: Donna M. Conaty - San Diego State University

Board Member: Hannah Grannemann - University of North Carolina Greensboro

Board Member: Jonathan Gangi - Penn State University

Board Member: Andy Heise - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Board Member: Sara Theis - Millikin University

Board Member: Ken Weiss - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Questions? Send inquiries to societyaee@gmail.com.